Ayrs Astryder

Valahnai, Blind, Monk, Motherly.


Ayrs is a tall, lithe, and tanned woman. She has long, ankle length, firey red hair, and deep purple unfocused eyes.


Born as a rough and adventurous child, she often explored the woods on her own, and falling prey to various beasts in order to trigger her race’s unique rage. The elders of her society often fround upon her actions telling her it was not good to feed her addiction to her rage and it would ruin her. Ignoring the voice of the elder, she saught to trigger the rage through other means, and she found one through a unique blend of herbs to form a near deadly tea. She tried her mixture only to fall prey to her inner beast, and ran wild through the forest for two full days. The other valahnai of her society eventually found her covered in blood and unconcious. Bringing her back home, she did not wake for a few more days, and when finally did, she learned the price of her decision. The elders also frowned on her and told her to leave. Now, without a home, and her eyes she must find her place in the world.

Ayrs Astryder

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