Katsuhide Tezuka

Kitsune Gunslinger. A Lover first, Lover second, and Killer a close third.


Human Form: Katsuhide is a tall, rather thin human, with Long Black Hair, Golden Eyes, and a fair complexion. He is considered by many to be a very handsome and attractive individual.

Fox Form: Katsuhide’s real form is that of an anthropomorphic fox. He possesses Deep Black Fur, Golden Eyes, and a single Tail. This form is something he keeps hidden from all that he can.


At first glance, Katsuhide Tezuka would be very different from what you would assume. While dashingly handsome and irresistibly charming to boot, those that know him best wouldn’t even refer to him as ‘human’. Born in the city of Naganouchi, far to the east, Katsu entered the world not as a human, but rather a Kitsune, an ancient and powerful race, deeply tied to the natural magics of the world. These proud fox-kin were known throughout history as powerful warriors and deities of great fortune… that is to the Kitsune race. Ask any other person about the Kitsune and you will get a very different story, one of brutality, savagery and trickery.

Katsu lived alone with his mother in the village, where he learned all about his people’s great history and culture, as well as the advancements which the East had discovered, namely Black Powder. Tales of this mysterious new product were of exceptional interest to the young Katsu, and he learned all that he could about its applications and use. As the years passed, his studies took him away from home to the Kingdom of Apren, where he and his mother took up residency, utilising the magics of their fox-kin bloodline to blend right in. Unfortunately upon returning home from his studies one evening, he discovered his mother murdered at the hands of a lover she had seduced. The man, his pride wounded by this ‘trickery’, lashed out, and with that one action, took away the only thing Katsu ever held dear. Overcome with feral rage, Katsuhide attacked the man, overpowering him, and took his weapon. Katsu didn’t feel any remorse for his actions, he even chuckled when he pulled the trigger.

Nowadays he spends his time wandering around the Kingdom, keeping his fox-kin traits hidden from everyone but those he trusts. After several years he became quite the skilled gunslinger, the Mysterious Stranger, that would appear and disappear seemingly at random, often taking your wife or daughter’s virtue away with him, though through no fault of his own of course. He couldn’t help the fact that women seemed drawn to him. Life was now just a game to him, so as long as he survived, he thought he may as well have some fun along the way.

Katsuhide Tezuka

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