Rietan Mountainfall

Great axe-wielding Half-orc fighter looking for glory, battle, and ale!


Height: 6’3"
Weight: 265lbs
Looks: Fearsome but dashing!
Black hair, black eyes, light green skin.
The biggest tusk you’ve seen on a half-orc… and the ones on my face are pretty big, too!
Favorite weapon: my trusty dragonbone greataxe, improved by my own hands.

To be continued


Born to an orc chieftain and a human mother, I was raised in an orc settlement in Bulgan, in the country of Ebreia. On the day of my birth, Gorum, God of Battle, descended upon my father’s house. He declared that this half-orc child would achieve glory in Gorum’s name, that the Mountainfall name would be known throughout Tehar. Fate would favor this babe, bringing him luck and success. My father, and mother, stood in awe of Gorum, thanking him profusely for the divine favor. His only replay was “See that he is strong. See that he is… deathless.”

Both my father and mother were skilled combatants on the battlefield. Inspired by their skill and the legendary warrior heroes of Tehar, I have honed my own fighting abilities. My father expects me to seek glory as the next orc chieftain. But I long to wield my axe and carve my own way in the world, and have recently ventured out into other parts of Tehar. Upon recently returning home, I witnessed the death of my mother at the hands of hill giants and goblins. This has left me bitter and angry. I vow to bring pain and suffering to those that caused my mother’s death…

Dura is my childhood friend, we were always together. She even showed me the ways of the druids, though my training and birthright always lead me to being a fighter. When I left Bulgan to see the world, I told her I would come back and claim her for my own (we half-orcs do that kind of manly stuff!). To this day, she is always in my thoughts.

A local blacksmith, Karguk Ironmaul, took an interest in mentoring me when I was younger. He taught me the ways of weapon smithing. While not gaining glory in battle or booty at the inn, I use my hands to craft weapons for friends, and for a little profit! My proudest creation is the greataxe I made before I left. As I collect new items and my skill increases, I will make it a weapon to truly behold!

Glory, combat, and ale!half-orc_pic.bmp

Rietan Mountainfall

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