The Gods of Tehar (West)

The Gods of the West

Excerpts taken from Lore Keepers and the Royal Librarians Guild

Lets, examine some the lesser known Gods in the western world of Tehar, Brother Dolen will conduct research on the Gods of the east. Teharians worshiped spirits that were said to inhabit the earth. They believed in “Mother” said to be the true protector and mother of all that was created on Tehar. Some still hold this belief today but they are the more savage people and follow the ancient ways of their cultures

Gaiah, Mother, Life Giver, Tehara

Gaiah or Mother, is the whom the ancients worshiped, she had many children but there name are lost to antiquity. Gaiah was said to be the mother of us all and the creatures that inhabited the world, in some iterations it is believed that she even birthed Gamus himself, This of course is absurd. Other than some cave writings and a few ancient texts, we know that she was worshiped up and to the time of the second age when all of Tehar was beginning to use iron tools. We also know that mother had many children but “had six that would rule over all of creation in her absence and would herald her return


Gamus is the God of the Sky and also the universe he made the planes and is Lord Creator of all. Gamus is the God of Perfection, Bravery and Rulership. His pillars are Glory, Good, Strength, and Air. Those who Take up arms for Gamus carry his Favored weapon the Greatsword. He is Known to be a Chaotic Good.


Liris is the Goddess of Family, Sun, birth and love. She is the wife of Gamus and is his queen over the universe. She is said to have created the Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings. Her pillars are that Community, Protection, Water, and Sun. Those who take up arms in her name carry the scythe. She is known to be Lawful Good.

The Gods of Tehar (West)

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