Amelia Daleth Valsys

Elf Ranger who is uncomfortable around old people (they smell like dead)


Amelia has long red hair and sports a fur cloak over her armor. Her bow is custom made from whipwood that the Vanara woodworkers crafted for her. She has a necklace with her “lucky arrow head” attached that she has not removed for 100 years.

Amelia relies on her bow and arrow in combat situations and has a rapier attached to her hip. She is highly dexterous, able to quickly navigate her environment and find vantage points.


bgd-gw2_norn.jpgGreetings everyone,
My name is Amelia and I just recently joined this guild as a…lets say, exchange asset. You’ll always see me with my trusty and only pet companion a Dire Wolf named Myka

My past? Who knows? There was music, laughs, shiny objects, all of this is really vague.
I just remember that my màthair always said it was a cursed birth, a sassenach is what they called me sometimes, I thought she meant I was just a rambunctious scamp among my five siblings that one day brought home a wolf mate…until one day it happened.
The plague, like mother called it …I was becoming weak, thinner and sick, not knowing how to handle it and thinking on all the burden màthair already had, I decide to leave and take care of my own and Myka in the wilderness, while in self exile I learned how to hunt and track. Traveling I found a merchant who kindly gave me this ancient Elvish Sudoku book and since then I’ve been addicted to solve every single one of them and I’m always in search for new challenges.

Am I still sick? I’m better now… but sometimes I feel that the plague is still inside me, like an old friend who likes to influence me to do destructive things and… caraid, it feels so good.

Amelia Daleth Valsys

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