Dire Wolf who drunkenly swore a blood oath and forgot what for


bigbadwolf.jpgHe is a dark, shadowy figure. This creature has a dark tail like a brush and he has black, spiky ears. He is evil by nature. Very hard to track because he climbs up trees and he always checks his paws for mud. He does not have the time for bird watching, fishing or swimming because he is always on the move with Amelia his companion. He will do anything to eat you and everything to protect her.
Would you like to meet him?


While hunting and observing one day in the forest Amelia was a witness to a murdered pack of wolves, this monster killed all of the members…except one, the only one who dared to growl back at this murderous beast, that’s when she knew she finally found a companion to fight with her on her side and protect her fiercely, also he is adorable and gives amazing massages. Who is scared of the big bad wolf? Not me.


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