Santiago Flinttoe

Short, Funny, Sexy and just so damn good looking


I stand at 4 ft. and 7 inch. (I was the tall one one my family)
Weighing at 45 lbs
My eyes are Grey with a hint of blue in them
My hair, Purple and I have a Mohawk that is combed over at time, I know this wonderful Elf beautician who can hook you up ’with my style. They do say that imitation is the best form of flattery.

I carry around a short sword that sings when it slices through the air you wont believe the looks I get when I have my other blade out too smiles seductively

I also carry around my dad’s old pistol that fits in my coat, don’t know how to use the damn thing but it makes look even more appealing to all that look at me, It’s a real conversation starter.



Well if you must pry in my personal life, who am I to deny such a pretty face?

I was born in Saldae , it’s a small town in the south of the Republic of Ebrea, mock salute It was great growing up there I had lots of friends. My mom and dad took care of us the best way they could. Angelica, my mother was a seamstress for for the local sheriff and she was also the best cook in all of Saldae. Tolson smiles, my dear old dad, what can I say, I am my father’s son, in that I am a musician and not having a dagger in my back because I couldn’t pay my debts. Wait let me check checks back nope nothing there smiles. Mom did the best she could to keep me away from this line of work but I mean come on look at me, I have good looks and smarts and I am doing alright for myself. I have all the friends I need that fame can bring me. Anyway, I had to take care of my family since dad wasn’t around and there is me, mom, my adopted elvish sister, who ran away for some reason, and my younger brother. Occasionally I send money back to help with thing around the house but keeping company like you can be expensive and well it is more interesting and pleasurable. That’s my cue, just meet me here right after my set. slaps you on the bottom keep it warm for me! winks

Santiago Flinttoe

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