Whispergate station

Whispergate Station

Whispergate started of as a simple trade post in the early years of Tehar when trade with the mysterious kingdoms of the east was lucrative. Eventually, the trade began to diminish as war and famine ravaged the east and they began to stop all trade and eventually break all contact with the west. The trade post would soon loose its luster and fall into disrepair, the Kingdom of Apren would forget about this post and would later sell it to a young Dwarf who would want to turn it into and a rest stop and inn.


Whispergate is located in north east corner of the kingdom and nestled at the mouth of the Northern Heights mountain range that has ancient roads that lead to the eastern kingdom.

Becoming a new trade post

The young Dwarf we spoke of earlier, bought the post and began to renovate the area to house a inn and brewer y. This young Dwarf would in fact later sell this location as it was not a great spot for an inn as no one hardly ever traveled the roads anymore, unless they were refugees from the east and they had no money to spend. One fine day a merchant and adventurer , Korneleius Firebrew would see this young dwarf and through tough negotiations would actually buy this land for a fraction for what the young Dwarf actually paid for. Korneleius would begin to setup his first store and it wasn’t as successful as he had planned but it was close to a ancient fort that had many relics that would attract the curious trader and collector of military weapons and artifacts.
Some years later he would be traveling home one day he would come across a small group of adventurers on there way to Baldurs Gate to find sponsors, fame and fortune for once in their life and settle down in the city as a base of operations. Months would go by and Korneleius would later be approached by this group who would later be called Chaos McGruff and they would sign on as a arm of the merchant and spread his renown and fame of his shops and also open shops in other cities around Tehar.

Whispergate grew to a small hamlet with a population of about 60-70 people as they were celebrating the coming of winter with a festival the town was attacked viciously with little to no survivors . Whispergate after that point was no longer existed on any map after this event and no attempts to rebuild it either went forward. The only reminder that the town was there is a statue of Nueyr that stands in the center of the town.

Whispergate station

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